Rainy Day Grumpy Mother

The day started off well. We slept in. I had a lovely chat on the phone after breakfast. We didn't have to tear off to kindergarten as it was Teacher's Only Day. We stayed in our pajamas for most of the morning. It was raining.

Then my little guy started grizzling and I suddenly felt the walls closing in. All I could see was mess everywhere - books, toys, dirty laundry, ironing to be done, dishes, dead flowers.

So on the spur of the moment we went to Nittori to buy ... you guessed it ... more shelves. I have a shelf obsession! Nittori is a poor cousin to Ikea. No Swedish designers but it is incredibly cheap. It's where I go if I am using my own money as opposed to where I go with my husband when he's footing the bill. (I know it's all the same money but you know what I mean).

So we got this:

The toys, laundry and ironing are still scattered everywhere. But the books which were in a box labeled ChristianBooks.com that was in the middle of the living room floor are now in colour-coordinated rows in my new bedside table!

(the dead flowers are in the bin, we washed the dishes)

(The print on the wall is by Askey)

By the way, it was FLAT-PACK! (Kit-Set we say in New Zealand). My handy five year old helped and we had it done in about two and a half hours with a break for dinner and bath-time.


  1. I'll tell you a little secret if you promise not to tell my big, blue, Swedish neighbor. I actually like Nittori better than Ikea myself. Sheesh! That's just between us, 'k?

  2. LOL!

    We have been back today to buy the twin shelf for DH's side. It was easier to assemble but not as much fun today.

  3. I am concerned that the Christian Books box has been casually discarded.


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