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A very wise mummy recently told me a story about her son. Her son had had an incident at school. One of his friends had said something mean and he was upset. The wise mummy arranged it so the two kids could talk on the phone. Apologies were given and it was all sorted.

Today I recalled this advice. My son had a spat with a girl at school. He was CROSS (and secretly upset). I kept my cool. Got all the facts, according to him. I suggested he call to apologize for the things he had said. We would hope for an apology in return.

He called and said what he had to say. His apology was greeted with silence. He said bye and hung up. He felt much better even though she didn't admit any wrongdoing. I emailed the mother in question to explain further. Her response made my son really happy.

He was the bigger person by apologizing even when he felt he wasn't in the wrong. I feel glad that mountains won't be made out of molehills over this.

Thank you, you know who, for your wise parenting anecdotes. Write this one up in your book.

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