Saturday Sunshine

Saturday turned out to be a productive day. It was sunny and hot but in parts of my garden you could catch a cool breeze.

Little Fella and I spent most of the morning and early afternoon cleaning out our shed. I asked my husband to do it a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty surprised when he came in about half an hour later and said he was finished. It took me about two hours to do it properly.

What can I say we are hoarders. I just can't bring myself to throw things away. For example the City Rug folded on the shelf under the blue ball is about 4 years old. The backing is crumbling off which made an awful mess in my son's room. Now it lives in the shed.

I was strangely pleased that lots of my eldest child's toys have deteriorated from the sun and age. It means I will be buying my little guy some Christmas presents after all. New sand toys, spades and diggers I think. I also have a book about DIY which has a plan for a large wooden-edged sand pit. Wouldn't that be cool? Kids love digging.

Now we need to call the place that recycles or disposes of large items. The orange Bertini stroller was for sale until I noticed it has gone moldy. Now it's off to the tip.

My husband bought a lawn mower last week. We have had this lawn for a year and half. Some areas have the type of grass that hardly grows. In other corners it's really long and luscious. Rain is expected so we might have to leave it until next week to attack.


  1. I have that very same rug! LOL!

  2. Muriel wondered why we have so much stuff since we've only lived here "five minutes"!


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