This is guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again. Have a go on the roller slide at the park. We popped into the local park on the way home today. All three of us went down together. It was such a lot of fun! But will summer never end? It was HOT and I got sunburnt. Grrr.

I have not done anything creative today having been out at the sankanbi class observation all morning. I was absolutely useless at the ball toss game not managing to get any balls into the basket. Back in the classroom my son's artistic talents were on display so I was a very proud mummy today.

Although one of my friends told several of the other mothers about my bags. So I might be able to start selling some there! I might make one for my friend as a gift and see what happens.

Dinner is in the Crockpot - a busy mother's best friend. It's pork again since that's all I had in the freezer. I did get an email from The Meat Guy last week although I haven't had time to read it properly yet. I will have to order some meat soon. Most of the meat at my local supermarket looked like cat food so I was reluctant to buy much.

Happy Labour Day New Zealand!

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