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It's over ... my thirty day trial of Illustrator ends today. I'm completely infatuated with it. It's so addictive. I'm devastated it's over. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow when I try to open the program. Will I be blocked out or will they just keep sending me friendly reminders to pay up but I'll continue to have access? I'm frantically printing cards tonight just in case.

Did I accomplish my task? Well ... I had a wonderful time creating little pieces of art if you can call them that. I've probably used a whole box of printer ink and I have had to re-stock the cards once. However, if you'll recall, my actual goal was to produce artwork to print with the Print Gocco. I don't seem to have done this. Oh well..

One thing is for sure - my neck aches, my back is killing me, I have carpel tunnel syndrome and bags the size of bagpipes under my eyes. I definitely need a break from the computer.

I wonder if I'll be able to download another free trial from a different website ;) Alternatively you all know it's my birthday coming up in December right?

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  1. Good luck finding another free trial or getting it for your birthday. As another December birthday girl I would suggest the obvious - "but it's for my birthday AND Christmas!!!"

    BTW, I miss you over at that place we both were but now you are mysteriously gone.


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