Thunder and Lightning

We're in the midst of a storm here. Heavy rain and frighteningly close lightning. It flashed and cracked simultaneously just now. It was so loud I almost jumped off my chair!

It's the perfect day to ... call in sick. My throat is still bothering me and since my job requires me to talk I decided to postpone. My student is hard of hearing, he's 69 years old. I didn't feel like yelling to be heard. Plus I slept in and the place was a mess, shhhh.

With time on my hands I've done some baking. Tomorrow we have a kindergarten event near my place. A parade of some sort. I've invited two of the other mothers to meet at my place and we'll walk down together.

I've made Hokey Pokey Biscuits. They're a tradition back home and I've been making them since I was a child. Americans can substitute Steens Syrup for golden syrup apparently.


  1. mmmm hokeypokey biscuits!! You're making me homesick! Where do you buy the golden syrup from?

  2. P.S Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Thanks Corrina! I'm feeling better I think.

    I get the golden syrup from FBC I think. Or maybe the import shop. It's about 600 or 700 yen but it last for ages. In the bottle. You only need a tablespoon for the hokey pokey biscuits or the anzacs.


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