You know I love to entertain and I really enjoy planning parties. A few weeks ago my mother had a Tupperware party! Does that seem like a blast from the past?

When I was a teenager party plan sales were all the rage. Maybe they still are? We went to parties for Tupperware, makeup, jewelry. You could buy sexy lingerie, educational books, you name it someone was selling it. Come to think of it don't scrap bookers have sales parties these days?

Well I love Tupperware having grown up with it. It's expensive but it really does last a lifetime. I requested a catalog from Tupperware Japan but it was somewhat disappointing. It seemed a bit old fashioned and the things weren't quite as cool as the ones in the brochure from NZ.

If you are in Osaka there is going to be a Tasting Tupperware Fair at the Hotel New Otani on October 31st. Is that the hotel near Osaka Castle that has the champagne brunch on Sundays? I'd love to go ...

It's a post with no apparent point. I wish I could have gone to mum's Tupperware party. She made Afghans (biscuits) and Chicken Cacciatore. The sales from the whole party were almost $1500 which meant she was able to choose a load of free gifts. If someone (like me) had agreed to host a party of their own she would have received more!


  1. I took a look at the Tupperware Japan stuff. I thought it was very dissappointing and extremely overpriced. They only had a fraction of what is available in the US, and none of the really cool stuff.

    Yep, scrapbookers often have those kind of parties. Creative Memories in Japan has a lot of reps - Japanese and foreign - if you ever decide to get into that.

  2. Can't say I would get into Creative Memories as a scrapbooker but maybe as a cardmaker. I have a book about that - the embellishments make really cute cards!

  3. Hey do you have a tupperware cosultant over in japan that speaks english? I want to purchase the huge sweater containers and the us doesnt sell them.. I am a consultant in the us but wew cant get the tw in japan. it stinks!

  4. Hi Gidget, sorry I have never come across a Tupperware consultant here. I've only looked online but ordering seems complicated.
    If you got anything the Postage would be astronomical for such large items.


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