Wednesday Welcome

This morning I had a lovely visit from two friends who live in my general neighborhood. We were chatting up a storm when I suddenly realized I had fifteen minutes to bid my farewells, lock up and get to kindergarten to pick up my son. It's a half day today!! I got there with 10 seconds to spare. Giri giri the other mums were calling out as we dashed up the driveway. All I can say is time flies when you're having fun!

Of course I baked some little treats (no hope of losing any weight as we go frugal).These are Anzac Biscuits. Popular in New Zealand and Australia. Americans might recognize them as a variation on oatmeal cookies.

My friends and I chatted about Christmas which of course means the G-word. It says a lot about the state of shopping in Japan as you only have to mention Guam to any foreign woman and they immediately respond with "Oooh there's a K-Mart there!". I'm in raptures over the thought of K-Mart too. But I'm sure our friends back home would look at us in disbelief. Like Paris and Nicole who had never even heard of Walmart before they did the Simple Life!

It's 2 o'clock. I've done the washing up, the laundry is out, I've been to the bank, one kid is napping and the other is entertaining himself. Time for a quick nap before I make dinner. My little secret to getting it all done is to squeeze in a 15 minute power nap a couple of times a week while the baby is sleeping in the afternoon. It gives me the stamina to stay up late which is when I really get things done.


  1. There's a Wal-mart in Germany, and let me tell you, I am seriously considering getting in the car and going for a 2 day drive before xmas.

  2. Do it! Road trips are a lot of fun!


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