We're expecting a visitor tonight ...

from the Tooth Fairy!

My son lost his first tooth tonight. I had a burst of energy and made this Tooth Fairy Pocket Pal. The tooth goes in the smile pocket. Hopefully the tooth fairy will leave some money in exchange for the tooth.

Or she might leave the tooth and write a note like this, along with the money:

Welcome to the Tooth Club.

Take this tooth and throw it onto the roof of your house.
Then your new tooth will grow up nice and strong.

Remember to brush your teeth everyday and keep smiling.

From the Tooth Fairy

That way both culture's traditions are observed. She's a smart cookie that Tooth Fairy.


  1. the tooth fairy brings my kids 100 yen , the kids leave their tooth in a glass of water and the t.f.exchnges it for money.

    I love your idea of combining both cultures. you are a clever one!!!!!

  2. She came! She left 100 yen.

    She left the tooth which puzzled the kid since he couldn't read the "fancy" writing on the Tooth Fairy's note.

    On the way to kindergarten this morning he said his friend Kevin got about 2000 yen because he lost two teeth at the same time.

    I seem to recall Kevin commenting that it was heaps of 10 yen coins. He was more than a bit suspicious that his mother had something to do with it.

  3. yes well, quite Kevin is smarter than the average bear yk.lol

    The t.f. in our house leaves varying ammounts, in direct proportion I think to how much guilt she feels over the amount of time it took her to get to our house.

    The pocket pal is brill Blooming, a great idea.

  4. I have a little tooth case made of wood for lost teeth. I bought it though. The one you made is very cute.

    Interesting idea about joining the two cultures. The tooth fairy wants to save the teeth in my house so there will be no throwing them on the roof or into the garden around here though.

    I am not sure how much she will leave at her house. Have a year or two to think about it yet. My mom once told me the tooth fairy once left her a can of tuna fish. You can imagine how thrilled she was.

  5. I love this. The tooth fairy sometimes takes a while to get to our house I can tell you. So making this first time up is definitely inspired.

    The tooth fairy leaves 100yen here too. In a glass of water and takes the tooth.

    (BWYM I keep them in a box)

  6. I think it is important to have a clear plan of action regarding Ms T.F.
    Needless to say I did not, so child #1 got 500 yen for a first tooth, cos silly me didn't think about just how many teeth would come out of that little mouth or quite how many mouths there would be at the end of the day.
    Also, not that it matters but Kevin lost one tooth when he banged his HEAD, not his jaw, or his chin oranything, he banged his head and a tooth flew out.
    He lost another eating YOGURT, yes YOGURT!
    So don't rely on wobbly teeth as warning system, they can just fall out at any given moment LOL.

  7. Very very wise advice Muriel. I was very close to putting 500 yen in the smile pocket, in fact I had it in there until my husband vetoed it.

    Perhaps he foresaw what would happen if the 500 yen didn't show up next time.

    He has another "wiggly" attached by one tenacious root. It won't be too much longer but I'll be on the look out for "poppers".

    I know for a fact that tuna fish would not please my boy at all. He's all about the money!!


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