World's Most Comfortable Pants

Oh man! I ordered these pants about two weeks ago. They arrived last Saturday. Now I have just found them on sale! Anyway I wanted to tell you how comfortable they are. I am living in them. I think the style is quite flattering even on me with my thunder thighs. Basically they are yoga pants. With spandex.

If you haven't ordered from Lands'End before check out their shipping. They have fixed rate shipping based on the amount you spend not on weight. This takes the nightmare out of ordering from overseas. The virtual model (try it on button) is very realistic if you customize it and the size recommendations are pretty accurate most of the time. I have also "spoken with" the Land's End live help assistants and found them to be really great.

** edited to add the pants have gotten looser upon wearing so order a size down. They are plenty long enough so don't worry about that.

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