The birthday

I can't stay cross with him for long! I've been thinking about his birthday. One of my friends suggested I make him a cool craft tote/wall pocket for all his craft supplies. Something that will keep every on hand but out of reach of his brother. I love that idea.

Today I was thinking about one of the presents I know he's receiving from my parents. It's a digital camera. He is going to be thrilled. He loves taking pictures with my camera but I worry it'll get damaged. The kid version has a sturdy plastic case. It's for a younger child but it has pretty advanced specs like a real camera.

So I am thinking I'll get him a photographer's kit with photo paper to print his pictures onto, a photo album or some cool frames, maybe a photographer's bag to keep it in, a book about photography. A theme present - I' m lovin' it!

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  1. The camera is fantastic. Every expectation exceeded. he loves it


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