Bits and Bobs

Today I have a bit of free time but I haven't decided what I'll do yet. I've started by throwing the Smart Bag (Robot design) and the extra charcoal grey drill fabric in the wash. I noticed that a lot of dye came out so I would hate for it to run into a lighter color. It doesn't fade and is easy to iron so that's a plus.

I'm also in party planning mode. The soon-to-be-six-year-old has decided we will have a party. Invitations have been passed out to a few select classmates. I found a great decorating idea here at Allsorts. While you're over there you must check out the gorgeous work by Jenny B Harris (click the top banner to get to the homepage). Swoon on every page. You just won't believe the talent. Something to aspire to.

I will be planning the party menu this weekend and if I have time I'll make a start on the cake. I usually freeze ahead if the cake requires several layers. It'll need to be large since we will have eleven children, including two little sisters and one little brother. Plus the mums will be here too. Fun, fun fun!

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