The business side of things

I've just had a great chat with my husband who until this evening has been in the dark about my "business plans". It's not unusual for me to have a craze on sewing or crafting or whatever so he hasn't been curious about what I've been doing.

He has some great ideas, being a business person himself. His plans are long-term but still totally realistic, especially with his support.

I told him my company name is Mee a Bee which he loves (given that it comes from his name). He showed me a really cool kanji (Japanese character) for miyabi is going to look awesome on the labels and swing tags. I think I'll have to get the Print Gocco charged up and print some stuff.

I'm really excited now!


  1. Hey there. Glad DH is on side! I would guess that the Kanji he has shown you for miyabi is the first kanji in my DH and DDs names! It is a good one!


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