A day less than desirable.

I've had a really crappy day. I've got a cold, the baby has a cold, my sewing machine is playing up again, I had some trouble with my mail and various other complaints about today. Thank goodness it is almost over. House MD starts in a few minutes so I am going to put my feet up and relax this evening. Hopefully the sun will come out and tomorrow will be a better day! Night Night.


  1. I have a website to share with you. regarding hand made goods.

    I will let you know...... all in the fullness of time.

    hope you are feeling better... may I suggest some hot lemon and honey?

    love jan.

  2. Oh dear, too much hard work never did anyone any good! Hope you are feeling better today and things go smoothly for you. I second the hot honey and lemon tip, I may just have some of that too.

    Take care talk soon :)

  3. xxx it's been much better, thank you.


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