Delightful Day

My children really are delightful today and I am not being sarcastic this time. We had a lovely afternoon playing outside in the sun. It was excellent because I got to read a magazine with my feet up while they dashed around on their bikes.

Now they are both tired out so one is sleeping and the other is busy in his room enjoying some peace and quiet (his words). Oh life is good.

Crocky has almost got our dinner ready too. Vegetable soup with pasta.

Tomorrow, at long last, it's the kindergarten craft fair/bazaar. I submitted a few tote bags, some greeting cards that I made with scrapbooking stickers and of course my little tissue cases and the lunch set. I think I'll die if any of my things don't sell. Last year I went to the second session of the very popular handicrafts sale and couldn't find any of my cafe aprons or tee towels. I was really relieved but I was curious to see how they were priced and who bought them.

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