Forging Ahead & New Direction?

Even though I haven't sold anything on Etsy yet I am continuing to stock my shop, work on new ideas and develop new products. I've been doing some research at the fabric shop this morning. I spotted a few small details I could add to my simple bags to make them more uniquely Japanese and therefore more appealing (hopefully). Things like buttons, patterned twill tape, that kind of thing.


My personal shopping spree was more stressful than I imagined. Faced with the choices I found it overwhelming. The shop had been redesigned which threw me for a loop as well.

Do you need a personal shopper?
These are the outfits I put together. My brief included the sizes, a rough idea of preferred colors and items and a budget. I'd be happy to try it again.

I think my friend will be happy.


  1. My friend had a sneak peek and she likes what she sees, phew!

  2. seems like you are moving in a good direction. Have you looked at SUPER BUZZY???? it sells Japanese stuff (non trditional and retro) you can get an idea perhaps of the kinds of materials and prices available to (american) internet shoppers.

    also, perhaps you could branch off in the bento supply area... I think there is a growing group of bento makers (in america) and they may or my not have trouble finding supplies.... you could organize sets of bento box and bento bags...

  3. As always Jan delivers more great ideas. I have looked at Super Buzzy but I'll check it out again. Mu mind is reeling with all the ideas.

    I think Bento supply will be a winner. I am going to look into that.

    Thanks Jan!


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