Games for the Party

Things are looking good for the party. We have two full days to go plus the party is starting after lunch so I have plenty of time, said with a wink.

So far I have made the favor bags, a few decorations and the clues for the treasure hunt game.

I found a fun idea for a spider web game. The mums stand in a circle holding lengths of wool between them. The kid will have to try to get through "the web" without getting too tangled up. Something like that!

I am really hoping the weather will be fine otherwise I'll need to come up with indoor games. I'm also fretting slightly about parking. Since my husband will be at work I think we will park on the prized lawn, shhhhh.

Today the tasks include baking the cake and preparing food that can be frozen. After the egg debacle on Tuesday I had to stop this morning to buy more eggs but I'm good to go now. I'll be making egg-free chocolate cupcakes for the allergic one. The main birthday cake will be vanilla flavored. I am think about coloring it to make it look scary when it's cut. I'm going to have a go at the mummy cake.

Off to the kitchen!

PS the image is from Hershey'

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