Gathering Suppiles

I've had a wonderfully busy day. I'm home with a ton of fabric. I can't help feeling nervous. I'm really in business now with today's purchases!

I got massive rolls of twill tape, cording and bias binding. As well as the fabric.

The array of fabrics was amazing and overwhelming. In the end I chose what I liked on first impression - a go with your gut kind of reasoning. The books I have on loan from the library served to inspire me so I had several concrete ideas in mind. The shop I went to sells everything you could possibly want to do with crafts so it was easy to find what I needed.

My color schemes are simple. I am focusing on children's bags for the moment. I feel drawn to the printed linen look and I want fabrics made in Japan. That narrowed the choices marginally. Japan has a wonderful thriving fabric industry by the looks of it.

So I've got cute green diggers and trucks for boys with a green striped lining or accent material.

For girls I think you can't go wrong with puppies. Right? And a lovely pink striped accent fabric.

Then for something a little more elegant I have French cats and European houses which I think the black and white gingham will set off nicely. With some red trim I'm loving this look.

I feel completely energized now. Where to start?


  1. I so wish that we lived closer to each other so you could teach me how to make those great bags! I am here via Gina's blog.

  2. That little bag is so cute I think it might make a nice kit. I should write up the instructions.

    Of course I'd need Adobe Illustrator to do the graphics which if you read my blog at all you'll see I am still pining after and still cannot afford!

    Thanks for your kind words Trisha.


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