How cute is this?

I'm back after a really great weekend. I was right about my sister-in-law. She was full of ideas and suggestions. We had an excellent brainstorming session.

Last night I took another look at the fabric I bought on Saturday so I could start to visualize what it could be made into.

I'm part way through sewing this miniature granny bag from the French Cats fabric. Isn't it just dinky? It's really tiny although it looks large here. The opening is as large as my hand. The perfect size for a small girl. It's gorgeous.


  1. I love this how much? I was inspired by your creativity and have actually managed to make one and half bags that I need to for DDs kindergarten. (The half was before I headed out this morning!)

    I feel so proud and achieving. Have also got up half the Xmas lights today! I know it is early but we are busy the rest of the month.


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