I love being a mum

I shop for and prepare 95% of the meals my kids consume. Fine, I accept that as my mothering duty. Six days a week I am subjected to the torture of eating alone with one or both of them for every single meal. I consider it torture about five nights out of seven. Why?

We sit at the dining room table. On one side of me I have the one year old human vacuum cleaner. His appetite is insatiable. Despite having gone through toddlerhood with my first child I find myself clueless a lot of the time. And frustrated that he won't or can't eat his meal quietly. It's a messy business and I despair over the constant picking up of food off the floor. But he's a baby. All is forgiven.

On my other side is the five year old walking skeleton who virtually has to be force-fed. His eating habits make me irate. He is picky. He has a phobia about tomatoes. He is a slow eater. He is a messy eater. He is prone to crying and gagging if he thinks there is something awful hidden in his food. I have never forced him to eat anything he doesn't like. He forces himself and consequently makes himself sick.

Take tonight's dinner - which has prompted this post - it was lasagne. YUM! Who doesn't love lasagne with a crunchy grilled cheesy topping? Apparently my son does not. I cannot fathom it since we had lasagne twice last week. He ate it and exclaimed how delicious it was.

I feel certain that my son's lack of vigor and general lethargy is a direct result of his poor eating. I can't seem to get enough healthy energy sustaining food into him. He sleeps the sleep of the dead. He is an early riser most of the time. But he has no stamina. By 6 o' clock he's zonked. He's often too tired to eat his dinner properly.

Back to the books I think. A little while ago I bought two books on child nutrition. I've read one so I think I had better read the other one now.

*I may be exaggerating slightly about the torture but I'm sure you mothers will relate. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the basket.


  1. I understand. Mine are the same way, but the older picky one still managies to have lots of energy and practically has to be tied down in bed. Perhaps she is an air-arian. As irritating as she is with her cries of "it's yucky," it is the younger one that drives me crazy with the messes. Aside from just being a sloppy eater when he is finished he thinks the proper way to let me know he is finished is to throw his plates and utensils and any leftover food onto the floor with one big toss. His sister did the same thing, but I find I have so much less tolerance for it this time around.

    Hang in there!

  2. Yes ... the saga continues today. Thanks :)


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