Il est si mignon

It is so cute! Il est si mignon! (How's my French? I'm a bit rusty).

I'm really pleased with this bag. I love it. It's so teeny tiny and cute. I wasn't happy with that navy trim. I think this red gingham really sets it off.

Do you like my attempts at styling? I went to Paris a couple of times a million years ago, in another life. Now I can only dream about it.

C'est la vie!


  1. My DD took one look and said that's mine!

    A bit deflating since I have just made her 4 bags for kindy. :)

  2. You better hide your purse when you visit me then. She might be trying to do a deal behind your back!! Does she have a credit card or Pay Pal account?

    Thanks DD for your impeccable taste and encouragement.

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