Immigration Procedures

This is a public service announcement.

They are not mincing their words here!

Any foreigner who refuses to give fingerprints and facial photograph will be ordered to leave Japan.

A short video has been prepared.


  1. If it is as quick as it appears here on the video then I don't have too much problem with it. I never have objected to being fingerprinted. I figure that it is one way of identifying me if I am killed in an earthquake or something at that is good for my family.

    I would like to be sure as to who would have access to the information and how secure it is.

    I do wish that they would put an IC chip or something on our Alien Registration card so that we don't have to do everything every time we go through Immigration.

    It also concerns me that I have to enter the country in which I live and pay taxes separately from the rest of my family and that concern extends right back to the fact that I am not automatically recorded as living at this address with my family.

  2. I'm not so fussed either but I hope this is not the beginning of the end you know. Like what might they come up with next - Japanese citizens can't go through the foreign lines, my kids and I are separated ...
    It pays to keep them in check. I have signed that petition that's going around.

  3. This was in the Japan Times: (an interview with Naoto Nikai, an Immigration Bureau official)

    He wouldn't answer whether foreign mothers traveling with Japanese infants
    would be separated at immigration gates. "The immigration officer at the
    airport will (make the judgment)," Nikai said.

    HOLY **** That is scary.


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