It was a lot of fun

We had a great time at the fair this morning. I headed straight for the recycled kitchenware. I found a lidded soup tureen for 300 yen, a set of five large shallow bowls in traditional Japanese patterns for 400 yen and a set of five blue & white bowls with matching spoons for 700 yen. The Japanese mothers don't buy that sort of stuff because they probably received it as a gift at some point themselves or their own mothers have tons of it. I love it, especially at those prices.

The other mothers were snapping up Disney character placements and Hello Kitty appliqu├ęd toilet paper holders. Sadly not all of my little cards sold ... and there were two tissue cases left. So I bought them myself! We had to purchase coupons in advance so rather than have any leftover I thought I may as well bring something home that I thought was nice.

I also got these couple of things:

Felt Christmas decorations 500 yen

Handknitted, gorgeous soft wool mittens only 400 yen!

All in all it was loads of fun. Even though we won't have a child there next year I might still try and go.


  1. Sorry all your stuff didn't sell. Perhaps too sophisticated for the market, if you know what I mean.

    I didn't make anything for our bazaar, but I saw the same thing happen. All the "cutie cute" stuff with characters and all sorts of stupid looking extra embellishments sewn on were grabbed up really fast and some of the more grown up (and IMO nice and tasteful!) stuff was left behind.

  2. Yes, that's what I thought exactly.

    I was stunned to see one woman buying rolls of toilet paper. No joke, it was floral toilet paper, run of the mill stuff you can get anywhere.

    Another person bought a milk carton that had been covered with Hello Kitty fabric. It was so shoddy you could see the material already fraying.

    Some of the things that were left were a bit overpriced. Someone had embellished cute straw bags with flowers and stuff. But they were 2500 yen. Each mother was only "required" to buy 2500 yen worth of tickets so it would have wiped you out in one blow.

  3. LOL!

    And I thought all the people buying bars of soap, not even nice soap, were bad. The toilet paper wins.

    I donated this really nice stroller blanket-snow suit sort of thing from Familiar that my son barely used. If I had known I could have turned in a milk carton covered with Hello Kitty and learn. LOL!


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