Knocks on my door

Wow, blogging is fun. It really brings the world to you.

Last week I was approached by a marketing firm which thought I might be interested in reviewing materials for children; books and stuff like that. I was delirious about that. You know how I love free stuff, especially books.

Late last night I received an email from a journalist who wants to interview me for an expatriate web magazine. That was exciting for me too. I'll let you know when it's published.

These two invitations fall under the category of "marketing to bloggers". I am interested in that side of things given that I have a marketing degree. However some bloggers are really against requests of that nature. I guess I'm still new to blogging because it seems really cool to me when I am contacted. Perhaps there will come a time when I'll change my mind. It's hard to say and really it seems unlikely since most of the companies are based in the US and are targeting the domestic market.

I did get a blatant advertisement posted in the form of a comment on my personal family blog which I just deleted and dismissed. I have to wonder if that is an effective form of marketing.

Speaking of expat interviews have any of you ever done the "international marriage" interviews or made a TV appearance? I don't think I'd do this. I don't like to highlight the fact that we are different nationalities. We're just a boring old married couple. We aren't any different than most other couples. All marriages have their challenges. Life has it's ups and downs. It's the same for us. Thoughts?

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