Last minute update

Two minutes to go until my son's birthday starts officially. I'm up putting the finishing touches on the cake. It looks really cool! Don't you think?

The Mummy
I baked a marbled butter cake (pink and yellow inside) with hundreds and thousands sprinkled in the "brain" area. Next I iced it with plain vanilla icing as a crumb coat since I had cut away some parts to form a head and shoulders. This evening I piped flat bands of icing across as the bandages and added two purple jelly beans for the eyes. I used some of the cut-offs to make the nose, chin and forehead.

My son has no idea what kind of cake I have made. He is going to be absolutely delirious when he sees it!

Happy Birthday to my darling boy. Despite my moaning about him on a frequent basis I really do love him so much.

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