No use crying over spilled milk

Or in our case it's cracked eggs. Ask the baby who is allergic to eggs why he felt it necessary to pull the packet off the bench and proceed to finger paint with the cracked yolks. Sigh.

Aeon was bedlam. The top three car parking levels were full as was most of the outer parking. In addition to 5% off it was pink receipt Tuesday or some such thing. Every man and his dog was there, buying their pitiful baskets full. The people behind me in the queue got a nasty shock when they realized I had three baskets stashed on my trolley. Small joys.

We have pastry for sausage rolls, chicken nuggets and chips. Party fare that will be a real treat for my boy. I'll need to go back for the rest, drinks etc but I could not face another minute of that store.

Despite dropping a year's salary at the store I still have nothing for dinner.


  1. I wonder if my invitation got lost in the mail....

    anyhoo, I hope that the party is a smashing success and that your little guy has a fantabulous time!!

    happy birthday!!!!!!

  2. Yes Jan it must have gotten lost in the post :)

    Thanks for your birthday wishes. He's very excited.


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