Off to the library?

The new Robot Library Tote is an authentic yochien bag. It's really strong and so cool with the robots making another appearance. This time I've done a small applique on the front pocket. I've added an inside pocket and a key loop too.

It's strong cotton with French seams (encased), linen rayon handles and the robot fabric is linen cotton blend.

This one will be called the Robot Library Tote or maybe the Ultimate Book Tote.

It's nice and big for large picture books. It would also work great as a music bag. It's large enough to tote your sheet music books.

Friends in Japan spread the word if you can. It's kindergarten prep time. There must be a lot of non-sewing mums who need their bags sewn.



    take the pledge.

    you won't be sorry.

    love jan

  2. Thanks Jan! I took a peep at that site the other day but was busy and it slipped my mind to return.
    Thanks so much!


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