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If you sew you will know Amy Butler, Lotta Jansdotter and Etsuko Furaya. I found an online shop here in Japan selling everything! The prices are slightly higher for some things but the range is extensive. I'm especially excited about the two international designers there! Check out Cotton Shop So-ing. Shipping overseas is not possible from there.

This shop seems to be part of or affiliated with Kokka, the fabric manufacturer. There are three young designers and a really gorgeous range of bags and accessories here at fififo.

Also I posted yesterday about Kokka. If I'm reading their website correctly you can take your own designs in and have them printed onto fabric! Wouldn't that be cool? I'd definitely need Illustrator to design something ... that and a degree in design!


  1. Can I make a tech sort of suggestion? You have so many links to so many great shops in Japan. It would be really great if you could make a link list on your sidebar as a reference. I try to bookmark and/or write down the addresses, but since I am on a shared computer sometimes my stuff gets deleted or lost and the kids take all my papers to cut up and color on and etc, you know?

    I am not sure how much work that would be with blogger, but just an idea that I know I would at least find useful as I am always having to scroll back through posts to find things you posted that I liked but that someone managed to lose or destroy.

    Maybe I am just hopeless.

  2. OK it's done! thanks Sherry for this suggestion.

    I can't link into a new window though. Just remember to come back to Blooming in Nihon!


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