Party Mode

The Birthday is this coming Saturday so I better get my A into G. Friday we kick off the festivities with lunch for the grandparents followed by a trip to the local furniture store. We'll be ordering the desk. Since Friday is a public holiday (Labor Day?) we will all be home so I think we'll have the family presents that day.

Saturday afternoon sees the Big Party with all nine invited guests accepting our invitation! Plus my two and the associated mothers it'll be quite a crowd. We started on a menu plan last night. My boy has simple requests and since it's only an afternoon snack I don't feel too much pressure in the food department. We are planning a trip to the supermarket today (5% off cardholder's day). We'll see what takes our fancy!

The cake remains undecided...

More later.


  1. Lord you better make it an all day excursion if your AEON is anything like mine. I just got back from there and it was a madhouse!! But at least I got my five percent off!!

  2. Yes it was awful.

    And 5 measly percent. So sad, but I go every month.

    Thanks for popping in Trisha, always great to have a new face around!


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