Persimmon Pursuits

I'm on a quest today. I bought a bag of persimmon from the craft fair. Then we got home to find our neighbour waiting with some more for us. Before I came to Japan I feel certain that I had never even heard of persimmon much less eaten one. What do you do with them?

I searched on my new favourite blog Simply Recipes and found out what kind we have. Apparently ours are the hard Fuyu variety which are peeled and eaten like apples. My mother-in-law would definitely put out the little fruit forks with these.

What I want to do is cook them up into a cake. I haven't done any baking this week. I'm wondering if it will work out. Perhaps I'll have to stew them first ... I'll be back later with the results.

The other kind of persimmons are called Hachiya. They are the soft juicy ones, according to Simply Recipes. Our other neighbours have a tree dripping with fruit so if I see them I might be able to get some of them for baking. Here's a recipe from Simply Recipes.

Persimmon Pudding Cake
There is also a recipe for Persimmon Cookies there too.


  1. I made DAMN kaki jam one SHIT year. and in the american HOLY HELL magazines there are often lots of DAMN recipes for kaki cake and stuff. This concept SHIT of using kaki in baking is HOLY HELL a rather odd concept for SHIT japanese people who seem to be DAMN used to eating kaki peeled and sliced.... rather troublesome for the SHIT peeler/slicer.

    BUY MY STUFF!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Jan in Nagasaki

    The management of Blooming in Nihon regrets to inform you that your comment on "Persimmon Pursuits" has been deleted due to use of inappropriate language.

    Further please note we reserve the right to ban users who use the site inappropriately to promote or further their own business.

    Please kindly refrain from either behavior in future.

    Blooming in Nihon

    LOL Jan!

    The cake turned out BAD. The mutineers tried to hide their slices in the rubbish bin. Ungrateful sods.

  3. I thought of this post when a box of kaki came from Ash's Grandma (93 btw and healthier than me!). Usually they would sit there going to waste so your post made me think of other ways to use them. I was quite looking forward to the excuse to bake actually (on a bit of a no sweets diet). But we tasted one and they are soooo good. The best kaki ever! Ah well, I still have several Akebi...what am I going to do with them!?

  4. Hi Corrina!
    I don't even know what akebi are so you're asking the wrong person!

    The persimmon cake was not very nice, too spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. I like it but it's quite rich.
    The kids are enjoying the persimmons sliced up like Simply Recipes suggested.


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