Is this photo an improvement? I think I'll need to take a course in photography next! I took this picture in my garden since that's the only Japanese style thing in my house.

I've added a button to the bag. I hate hand-sewing so it's going to take me a while to do the other four.

I'm so wimpy. Today I was talking to a person who I don't know very well. My friend was telling me that this person sews yukata (summer kimono) to sell. I didn't ask where ... Then I mentioned that I like to sew bags ... I didn't mention that I sell them. WIMP. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get to know this woman better so we can swap ideas and help each other out, once I 'fess up that is!


  1. Open your mouth and tell everyone. Even if they are not interested they may remember you when someone else mentions it to them.

    You have some really great ideas and I love what you are coming up with. Be proud and loud!


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