The planets align

I'm having a very lucky day today. My moon is aligned with my sun? The sun is passing through Sagittarius? I'm not sure about all that astrology stuff but you get the idea.

I had just enough twill tape, just enough thread, exactly the right shade of red button and Velcro in the exact quantity needed and my little guy has been asleep long enough to get FIVE of The Shhhh Bags for Girls completed!

Five! I've set myself up with a production line for efficiency. I used a calculator (my maths is awful) to work out the best cutting layout. I have streamlined the cutting, sewing and ironing and I have made notes all along the way so I'll know what to do for the next ones.

Now I need to get some photographs taken. I think natural light is best so I'll do that today or tomorrow. Off to have lunch :)

They are in the shop!


  1. Hi Jacqui,
    I really liked your interview on expatinterviews
    I hope you can add your blog on our directory,
    have a great day


  2. Sure go ahead. I saw two of my friends on the list.

  3. can't wait to see some pictures!!!

    don't forget to save your scraps and send them to a happy quilter!!!

    love Jan

  4. Thank you Jan. I have a few scraps here that I'm saving for you. When I have more I'll send them, I promise.

    I haven't done the photographs yet ... maybe today, it's sunny as opposed to thundery rain storms and vicious wind yesterday.


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