Plans for today

I have to admit that I am feeling blah today. Last night's dinner exasperation, this morning's effort to get the kid off to school, road rage at the convenience store and a lesson to teach in a moment. I never want to work but it always cheers me up. The forced jolly face for an hour seems to do the trick.

I am planning to sew today. I have some ideas for things I want to get started on. I've decided I will focus on things for children: bags, pencil cases, bedroom decor.

You can view the fabrics I have online here. I have bought fabrics from the Trefle range mainly.


  1. Never mind with your blahness or your blahrity mood, get stitching woman, I want to see etsy fully stocked and ready to roll, thread that needle baby!
    Next thing you'll be telling me you spent two hours chat chat chatting the day away!!!

  2. Yes the telephone is the devil's tool.
    I did make a start on one thing.


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