Rain and Sewing

Over the weekend I found a pattern book for boy's clothing in my drawer. I thought I'd have a go at some trousers. My boy is tall and thin for his age so the trousers that my mother buys for him in New Zealand are always gigantic.

We found some simple cotton twill for 380 yen at Aeon this morning. He chose the dinosaur appliqué to jazzy up the pocket. I had to buy elastic but overall they worked out cheaply.

Above: The front, with a fake fly but real functioning pockets.

Below: the dinosaur on the back pocket.

The pattern is from Spotlight NZ, Australia, from the Get Creative series. It is for personal use only.

I also got some super cute fabric with robots on it. I'm still working on ideas for my Etsy shop but it's probably going to have something to do with kids. I have a few ideas brewing.

Sewing the trousers was great practice. I'm slowly working out the kinks with the sewing machine. Mainly the tension is off most of the time. I also am realizing the benefit of having a decent pattern to follow.

It's raining.

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