Sewing and cleaning

We had a longer day than usual today. My son's gymnastics class was moved forward a day so pick up was later. Little Guy was exhausted so he had a lovely big sleep this morning (lovely for me).

I managed to get a couple of prototype bags made. I used some old fabric that I bought in 1997. I'm glad I used that rather than the cute stuff I bought this week because the pattern is going to need tweaking. (Read: disastrous results).

I'm not sure how quickly I'll be able to get anything into the Etsy Shop. I can't rush because I need to sew well enough to sell. I'm going to take my time so I can present some quality things.

Has anyone noticed the recipe cards failed to show up? Sigh, another project gets moved to the sidelines.

With all the sewing this week there were threads all over the floor so we were forced to do some cleaning today. Tomorrow I'll need to air out the kitchen since I have just burnt something on the stove. I wonder if I will be able to salvage the pot.

And since it's Friday I'll have to W.O.R.K again. But it's payday so I'll be able to $ee the worth of it.


  1. Once again if you are going to beat me you are going to have to up your game. I have been "working" on recipe meal planning cards for....what year is this....4 years now. LOL!

  2. Whew, the pressure's off then.

  3. check out angry chicken..her blog.. she has this downloadable page of recipes that she organized from bits of paper all over her fridge...... also, blooming, you might enjoy her site...there is sewing and baking and general craftiness....I can send you a link if you can't find it.

  4. Angry Chicken is really cool Jan. Thanks. I hadn't read her blog before but see on the left there's a podcast? That website is my favourite favourite one I read everyday Design Sponge. So I may have already come across her.

    I was looking at Purl Soho and The Purl Bee yesterday. Is that one of the ones you told me about?

    There are some seriously talented people in this world.


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