The Shhhh Bag

I think these are adorable. I hope others will too. I'm testing out my product write-ups here too.

The Shhhh Bag

Also known as the Smart Parent's Bag and also known as Bees Knees Petit Tote

Love dining out but hate the stress of dealing with a bored, hungry toddler?

Pack the Shhhh Bag with a toddler-friendly snack, a favorite book, a few small toys and you have yourself a moment to relax and look over the menu.

Keep your Shhhh Bag in your car so it's ready for impromptu stops at your favorite cafe or even coffee at a friend's. Visits to grandma's or even while you walk around the supermarket. We all need our baby to Shhhh sometimes!

I stock mine with bibs, baby-wipes and an anywhere-harness too.

Product details

Adorable kid-sized multipurpose tote. Bee fabric in rust-red on a neutral background, Trefle by Kokka Japan. 85% cotton, 15% linen.

Bag dimensions 10" wide x 12" tall. Straps 17" long, designed to be worn over the shoulder or held. It's just the right size for your child to carry herself. Unlined. Twill tape handles. Small Velcro clasp closure.

Can be handwashed or gently machine washed. I do not recommend tumble drying. Hot iron recommended.

Made in Japan in my smoke-free, pet-free, child-friendly home.


  1. Those are awesome. I have a shhhh bag too but it`s made of plastic and says "Mitsukoshi" on it. LOL. Yours is MUCH MUCH nicer!!!

    Check this out:

    and this:

    I`m hopeless at sewing but I would certainly commission someone else to do it for me! :)

  2. Thanks Tigermama. I'll check out those links.
    I'm thinking about offering my services to foreign mums who need homemade stuff for kindergarten.

    ideas ideas ideas

  3. That is an absolutely fabulous idea. I`m sure you could put out a post on MIJ, Femail, and FWC. If you`d done it 3 years ago, I would have hired you in a heartbeat!

  4. You'll get a commission if you refer a big spender to me TM :)

  5. Oh dear Tigermama, I looked at those links and three hours later I am just coming up for air. There is so much cool stuff around! Thanks so much, more inspiration.


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