Sitting on the couch eating bonbons

People often think since I am a housewife that I spend most of my days sitting on the couch eating bonbons. Of course this is absolutely true and my bonbon of choice is provided by my fabulous friend Mrs. L.

A few times every year a mysterious box arrives, smothered in postage stamps, post-it notes and stickers. The colorful packaging and eclectic handwriting tips us off as to the sender but the peppermint scent wafting through the layers of bright tissue paper alerts us as to the contents.

Mrs. L is very lucky. Her brother and sister-in-law are the owners of Rheo Thompson Candies in Stratford, Ontario. Their slogan is "We make but one thing, and we do that well, CANDY". It is so true. I have been the happy recipient of their Milk and Dark Mint Smoothies many many times. They are SOOOOOOO good.

You can order online from Rheo Thompson. They have a huge array of fabulous treats. They ship all over Canada and most of the US. But not to Japan so I'll have to rely on Mrs. L to keep me supplied. Thanks Mrs. L xx

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  1. The stamps have been "claimed" by Jan in Nagasaki.


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