The sun didn't come out

The sun isn't shining nevertheless the day is going much better. My cold is improving as I sit here sipping my hot lemon drink. Thankfully Mrs.T reminded me to get some honey the other day (her kids are fond of toast and honey as a snack). Thank you lovely friends for your caring suggestions.

The morning has gone smoothly so far. I think we all feel better for having had a sleep-in. I am in a better frame of mind having gotten some sewing done last night. (I might have something completed today).

And dinner is in the Crockpot - tonight we'll be having Pork Chops with Peachy BBQ sauce.


PS. Today is my nephew's birthday. Happy 2nd Birthday Mr. Tee jr. And we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our niece. She'll be the first girl for our family after four boys in a row.

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