Once again I'm burning the midnight oil. I must get myself into a better routine. Problem is I had a small five minute catnap on the train this evening then I was pretty excited about my purchases so I got a second wind.

So today (after I have slept for six hours or so) we will be out visiting my nephews. I'm looking forward to seeing my sister-in-law because she is super-crafty and will doubtless have tons of ideas. She's got some of my original bags, gifts over the years and has always been very encouraging.

Tonight I attempted a new craft project - Japanese fabric yo-yos.
I got a book from my friend with nice photograph illustrations. I asked my husband to translate a couple of the finer points which he couldn't do. He got cross with me saying it was really difficult technical language related to sewing! Anyhow I made mine from red gingham. They've worked out well.

Night Night or Good Morning which is more likely the case. Not everyone is a night owl like me.

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