The cars are great, number for sales in the world I believe. The sewing machines are also great but might I make one tiny suggestion for improvement? Automatic tension.

I bet you didn't even know that Toyota made sewing machines. I didn't either until I bought it. The woman at the shop assured us it was an excellent machine, nice strong engine, able to hold its own against thick denim hems on jeans.

But she failed to mention and I failed to realize that the machine has to be manually adjusted every time you switch fabrics. You end up with the stitches looping up on one side or the other if the tension is not correct and this is extremely frustrating.

There! vent over!

On a brighter note, I finished those pants for my son this evening. I'm really pleased with my first attempt at clothing for him. I am doubly pleased that I have started and completed a sewing project in three days.

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