The weekend is over

I've had a pretty good weekend. Have you? It's been beautiful weather. We had the craft fair yesterday. My husband has been home to look after the children. I got to sleep in this morning. I watched a good movie on TV. I baked a cake and some cheese biscuits. We went out for dinner. I rode my bicycle, twice! I've already done my ironing. Not bad.

I found this really cute website tonight. It's a mother teaching her daughter crafting and sewing. Those of you who know about me know that I have a crafty creative son (pictured above with a tapestry). He's going to love the ideas on this blog, Me and My Girl.

And she has a new etsy shop. Just launched this week. It's really cute. Check it out.

More inspiration, mothers are doing it everywhere!


  1. Did your little boy stitch that picture himself?

  2. Muriel, he did! It's a kit for kids. So it's was printed onto the fabric. He learned how to do it after his operation this year. I was doing one while I was sitting with him and he showed a lot of interest.

    I'm hoping these skills will lead to something great in the future. Robotics or neurosurgery.


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