Essential Tools

Now that I am sewing *professionally* {grin} these are my essential tools and little tips.

A good hot iron. I got this T-fal one from Costco a few months ago. It's so great. HOT. and the steam function can be turned on or off. I need it off for pressing interfacing or bias binding. Also if you are ironing something fiddly and small you can get badly burnt if the steam is puffing out the sides all the time.

Next up are a tape measure with both centimeters and inches. So many patterns or instructions use inches but I am more familiar with metric.

The second item is the handy chopstick not for eye gouging but for poking out the corners to make them nice and square when you have stitched them. I also use the chopstick for guiding the fabric under the foot when it's too narrow to get my hand close. I learned this tip off NHK television.

Lastly the blue thing is a flexible needle of sorts. I have no idea what it's real use is but we found it at the 100 yen shop a few years ago - I use it for threading elastic or cord through the channels. It makes that tedious job so easy.

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