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Anticipating (really hoping and praying for) lots of love for Mee a Bee, I have created a Flickr group entitled:

I *heart* Mee a Bee.

I am hoping my friends and customers will post their personal pictures of themselves or their kids with Mee a Bee creations. I've started the pool with some shots I had here.


  1. Hi J!

    Joining flickr is a great idea!
    You might like to have a look at, and maybe post photos to these groups too:
    "Etsy love" flickr group
    "look and learn" Etsy flickr group
    "I made it myself" flickr group


    Once I take a photo of my Eco Tote I'll be spreading the word =)

  2. Give me some love! Thank you Corrina!

    It's so great having people like you and all my pals here on the blog spurring me along.


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