Great news!

Firstly, the baby was born. I am so excited. Congratulations to the happy new parents. I'm an auntie again.

Secondly, my sewing machine is back, already. Yaye, my husband rocks. It turns out the bobbin casing was loose as I suspected. Also I was not using the most appropriate needle. I needed something a little heavier duty.

It's been a great evening.


  1. Sally had a baby YES LORD!
    Sally had a baby YES MY LORD
    Sally had baby YES LORD
    The people keep a coming and the train done gone...

    I am so happy for you I had to a song. Sorry.
    congrats to your sister and the whole family.

  2. Thanks Muriel!

    If anyone is a Facebook friend of mine you can go and see our gorgeous little neice online. She's fantastically amazingly beautiful.

    (My brother-in-law is a German Shepherd).

  3. Congratulations Auntie Blooming I hope your sister is a bit rested up now and her stitches aren't paining her too much! Any news on a name?


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