Happy Birthday Blooming

My boys took me out for dinner this evening.

When we got home my son had arranged a present hunt. Unfortunately he can't remember where he has hidden one of the presents so that'll add to the fun tomorrow.

The homemade gifts were really special - cards by both boys and illustrated bookmarks. Husband bought me a coffee mug to replace one we (or he) broke a little while ago. My mother in law gave me a ... bag. Just call me the bag lady.

We even splurged on dessert. Hot Chocolate Sundae!

To save you guessing, I'm 36.


  1. Love the pics! Happy Birthday to youuuuuu! I can see the big one there determined to make sure he gets his share of Hot Chocolate Fudge! Those presents sound wonderful you'll be able to mark your pattern books.

  2. Happy Birthday my friend.
    i am glad your boys all spoiled you, with gifts and dessert, you really derserve to have a very special day, oh graceful 36 year old bag woman.

  3. Thanks you two. In honesty that sundae was to be shared by hubbie and boy. I got a chocolate torte for my greedy self.

    Poor old little fella had to watch the festivities with a sour mandarin to keep him company.

  4. hey there, just wanted to say that you are looking like you have lost weight. Looking fabulous on your birthday! What more could you wish for! (maybe a vacation?)

    Anyway, Happy Bday! (again)

  5. Thank you Cilantro! I may have lost a little bit since I stopped breastfeeding I think. Not that much but still :) big smile from that compliment.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.


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