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I've had a quiet day with my kiddlies today. Biggie spent the day recuperating - he was full of energy so will be back at school tomorrow. Little Guy has put on a brave face most of the day. I hope he'll have come right by tomorrow too.

We managed to pop out for an hour today. What a nightmare. My kids weren't really up for a shopping trip so I parked them outside one shop while I dashed in to grab what I needed (don't worry CPS I could see them the whole time and we were in a mall).

We spent an exasperating few minutes battling the crowds at the new supermarket that I will NEVER go to again. And no, we could not find the eggs.

We jumped back in the car burned over to the post office and got our weekly mailing done. Here's a small complaint - none of the malls have post offices in them making them (post offices) the most inconvenient places to go to.

I was pretty pleased to be back within an hour actually. We got free parking at the mall and accomplished almost all our tasks.

I also got some sewing done. I have completed one very cute Sleepover Bag today.

I missed Brothers and Sisters last night since the soccer was on (What??? you want to watch the soccer tonight dear???) but lucky for me it's on again in a few minutes.

Time for a cuppa. Night night.

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