How do you like this folks?

The fabric was inspired by Eastern European folk motifs. I believe it's called Tyrolean Floral. It's that retro floral I mentioned the other night. I've already had some interest in it, great!

Quite popular in Japan at the moment is the simple Scandinavian look. I think this floral comes into the same category as Scandinavians also like colorful embroidery.

I've made it up into a Petit Tote, the same as my Bees Knees Petit tote for little girls. I had some lovely yellow buttons that set it off wonderfully. Since it's for little girls it actually secures with easy-peasy Velcro, the button is decorative.

I love this fabric. I feel certain that our childhood bedroom wallpaper was very similar but in awful browns and oranges. The modern color combinations are delightful. It's not bright and garish, the colors are slightly muted. And of course it's that linen look fabric I am drawn to.

I'll make a couple more and put them in my shop.

**Tip: my machine hates Velcro. I had a brainwave tonight. Lay a piece of wax-proof paper over the Velcro and sew through the lot. Then tear away the paper leaving just the Velcro neatly stitched in place.


  1. love the material. love the bag.

  2. great colors and cute bag!!!!

  3. Thanks you two! I love it too. the colors, the design, the cute bag. I hope these will sell like hotcakes but at the same time I might have to make a lil' sumpin' for myself as well :)

    Great to have you back Jan. I really missed your comments.

  4. This one looks set to be a winner. I think all of us in a "certain age bracket" feel quite nostalgic when we look at this material.


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