More festivities

Today my son had to report to school (it's Saturday!) and was whisked off to the airport to greet Santa followed by Christmas carols and a parade. It was lovely and put me in the spirit nicely.

Since we're close to the airport and have parking we gathered here and carpooled. The tolls to get across the 3.5km bridge over the sea are astronomical as is the cost of parking at the airport.

After the event we returned home for more lunch and a zillion cups of coffee. I made chocolate brownies this morning. It was a lovely pot-luck lunch.

My friends are fabulous. I'm very lucky to have met them. They have helped make my life so normal if you know what I mean. It's been a good day.

I made these last minute gifts for a couple of the kids yesterday. I also had a chance to tell the mothers about my shop and show them some of my bags. They were impressed I think and most encouraging. I hope to get some referrals from them. Word of mouth is a great form of advertising.


  1. normal. what an excellent choice of words.

    I think NORMAL is nearly impossible, but to hope for it... to achieve it... to savor it....

    is wonderful.

    Oh. and by the way. I can't find your phone number.. either e-mail it to me.. or call me... I want to say good bye and have a nice trip.

  2. Thanks! I'll give you a bell tomorrow, if I can find your number :)

    I haven't done any packing yet, uh oh. We'll just have to buy what we need.


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