My first custom order

I'm very excited to have received my first custom order.

My client is planning a gift for a one year old boy. She thinks the Shhhh Bag will be just the thing. I think so too since I have both a one year old and a Shhhh Bag.

The Shhhh Bag is the little tote you fill with restaurant essentials - bib, hand wipes, plastic spoons (snacks - some people do ;) ) and small things to keep baby occupied while you peruse the menu or wait for your order. Mothers know what an absolute lifesaver this bag is. The difference between a rushed and unsatisfactory dining experience or a relaxing family outing.

We decided that a darker color would suit the family best so I was thrilled when I found this fabric today. Simple and modern for today's mother it's a beautiful clear grey with smiling whales all over it.

To improve functionality I'll be adding a drawstring in black. I'll still put handles on it so mum can hang it off the stroller or carry it on her arm (or dad for that matter).

Wow, I love my new business.

My little guy out in a restaurant last Sunday, happy as Larry.
Daddy grabbed the Shhhh bag all by himself.

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