My friends are bag ladies too

Look at this gorgeous wafu bag. My friend Kristina Martin (pictured) sells these on her website Kimono Gallery. It's a nifty design that opens to reveal a spacious tote. They are handmade here in Japan. Isn't that great!

And Kris makes a mean chocolate cake. She's promised me the recipe!! I may forgo dinner and just have cake I think.

Thank you Kris for a wonderful day.


  1. Thank you for the lovely lunch!
    It was such a fun day. Time just flew by once again but it was great catching up!

    I just love it that we share so many of the same interests. Looking forward to meeting up again and talking about our bags.

    Also, I so did not know (until I read you blog) that you were into H.S. Musical. My youngest (5) can sing his way through that. *grin*


  2. Aha another HS musical fan. That's four so far JUST on this blog! Come on Muriel get on board.

    Thanks Kris for the day, the cake, the inspiration, the friendship, the BAILEYS!!!


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